This page depends on the HTML canvas element, which is not available in all browsers. It is known to work in Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Line Width: 1 2 4 7 10 15 30

    Jitter Speed
Hue °
Sat %
Lit %
Alpha %
Rainbow Solid

Reset color after each stroke

Fill Clear
Center: X Y
Rotations Mirror

Guide lines

Your saved image Right click (ctrl-click for Macs) the thumbnail and choose Save Image to save.

Shift-click: continue previous line

Alt-click: pick up color

Ctrl/Cmd-click: re-center rotation

Click the crayon: save color


Kaleidosketch is a kaleidoscope-inspired symmetry drawing program. The idea is pretty simple. You draw in the canvas, and Kaleidosketch creates symmetry by rotating and reflecting your drawing in real time. You have control over virtually every aspect of the process. You can change the number of rotations, whether your drawing is reflected, the center of rotation, the line width, color, and how that color changes as you draw.

Layers let you work on one aspect of your drawing without the risk of messing up another part. For example, you can draw outlines on one layer, and then color them on a layer underneath. The check boxes next to each layer let you hide and show them, and the radio buttons control which layer you draw on. You can change their order by dragging their miniature previews up and down in the list.

If you click on any number box and drag your mouse to the left or right, the value in that box will change. This lets you adjust your color or symmetry quickly, without ever letting go of the mouse.

Kaleidosketch relies on the HTML canvas element introduced in the HTML 5 specification. This, unfortunately, means that browser support is limited. Kaleidosketch works in the latest releases of Firefox and Safari, and for the most part, in Opera.